Capsule Test System – A high precision measuring cell based on optical technique only (CTS)

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Capsule Test System (CTA) Description (Version 07.2018)

We built turnkey standalone test benches based on the OCT technology for measuring geometry of thermoformed plastic capsules, formed glass, ceramic or metal capsules.

The TBC enables high precision measuring at top speed and distinguish from multi-sensor systems clearly. With the patended measuring method and proven scan technology, measuring of parts grants demanded precision at maximal measuring speed.

Short measuring times are also reached by the dynamic calibration of the OCT-System.

Computer-Aided Precision

Due to influences of instruments engineering, the system uses computer-aided correction. As a result, the precision for high speed measuring is optimized.

Measuring with Production Conditions

The high performance spectrum of the TBC can be used also in the surroundings of a production. The walk into a separate room for performing test measurements is obsolete. The TBC is robustly designed and compensate changes of its surroundings automatically. Each components for reliable operation are our own development and are optimal balanced to each other.

Equipment Technology

  • Optimized designed frame for low weight and high bending strength
  • Scales made of temperature-neutral glass ceramics
  • All axes with air suspension
  • Vibration dampers, covered guides and scales are made for operation in production surroundings

Rotary Table or Tray

Rotary tables are a reasonable supplement for measuring cells, especially for round, rotation-symmetric parts like e.g. shafts, bearing rings, gear wheels but also for casings. TBC – measuring cells are either built with an air suspended rotary table or with a measuring tray.

The measuring data are taken for following proportions:

  • Inner- and outer diameter of capsules
  • Thickness of capsule shells
  • Thickness of collar of capsules
  • Height of seam seal edge to seam seal level
  • Parallelism of neps to seam seal level
  • Planarity of various levels

As an option thickness of walls and the gas barrier can be measured.

TBC – Micro System

With the TBC – Micro System the precision of measurements is significantly increased, due to the use of more precise scales. For the TBC – Micro System the air suspension and other components are balanced to each other more sophisticated. This system is ideal for research tasks, developments, for quality control and even for calibration of test specimens.