The OCT technology is an ideal system for companies looking for a contact-free measuring method when high speed, top accuracy and quality of material is required at same time.

Our systems offer:

  • Exact measurement of the thickness of defined layers in a laminated system with a single light plane.
  • Thickness of individual layers in a multilayer film, in tubes, on fibers or in tubes.
  • Thickness of the coating on tablets or on products of all kinds.
  • Qualification of seals.
  • Measurement of geometric components in micrometer accuracy. Inside diameter, bottom thickness, outside diameter, cavities, capsules or tubes of glass, stone or plastic.
  • We also measure the thickness of coated contact lenses.

flo-ir GmbH offers OCT systems for all companies that want to use this modern technology. If you have any questions, please contact us. We also have a professional solution for you.

Please note our PDF-brochure Light – the new tool for todays industrial production