Non-contact measurement of the layer thickness in different kind films

A foils consists of several layers and each of different thickness. Each layer can be contact-free and very accurate measured by the transit time of light. The image shows a stack of OCT images. Each image from it can be analyzed individually and show differences of thickness.
Using the OCT system, enables measuring layer thicknesses of various foils during running production. Combining it with maku-DieTool® , the control system of the production process can be optimised.

The production costs for foils or thisn films can be reduced by more than 30% if an installed OCT system constantly measures layer thickness in a running production.

Production of foils for the thermoforming process:

Foils of coffee capsules, food trays or cups of all kinds consist of multi layers. The most expensive one is the gas barrier layer, which prevents oxygen diffusion and makes the food more durable.

On both sides of the gas barrier layer an adhesive bonding layer follows, which is more expensive than the outer or inner layer consisting of PE or PP. for such foil constructions grinding material is interspersed between layers. To grant thickness of the layers, constant measuring during production is required, which the OCT system with flexible measuring positions enables.

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