Fascinating like magic – measurement with light

The topographical recording of components of all kinds by an OCT system equipped with ASP array is 100 times faster than a conventional vision system and accurate to micrometer.

The OCT system measures in one process e.g. dimensions, volumes, parallelism, planarity of planes.

Equipment for measuring thermally formed components (Capsule Test System)

A test kit for measuring the geometry of thermally formed components (e.g., coffee capsules, beverage closures) consists of two OCT cameras with integrated ASP- arrays. The cameras capture the volume in exactly defined spaces. The DUAL measuring head is mounted on a stable platform and sits on a coordinate system with a step resolution of 1 micrometer up to100 nm.

Sequence of a component test

A batch with a number of components is removed from production and putted manually or automatically into the cavities on the test tablet. The measurement is carried out by moving the measuring head in the x- and y-direction (steaching the images) and in the z-direction (vertical). The lateral movement (x- and y-direction) is defined by the component to be measured. The shape of a component or the contour is measured as programmed in the measurement recipe. If the “field of view” of the camera systems is smaller than the component to be tested, several OCT images are recorded and stitched together to one image. The measurement is carried out at pixel size of 40 μm with a reproducible accuracy of +/- 10 micrometers.

The measurement of a bottle cap takes less than 10 seconds, the measurement of a coffee capsule less than 20 seconds.

On the 3D measuring system, flat or high of components can be measured in round, oval or angular form. The measurement of the components is computer-controlled and includes a complete test protocol that meets the metrological requirements that are required today. The measuring accuracies lie in the submicron range. Up to now, we have complied with standard test criteria with +/- 10 μm and passed the measurement capability.

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