Reduce costs by optimizing the gas barrier layer

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Measurement of the Gas Barrier Layer in a Plastic Film (Version 12.2018)

Longer keepability, more safety for the product and the consumer are permanent challenges in the food industry. When producing films for food trays, coffee capsules, food products or high-quality plastic films, information on individual layer thicknesses in the layer stack are required.

Nowadays, food packaging’s have to fulfil various functions. Their main purpose, however, is to ensure the longest possible keepability of the products from the time it is packaged by the manufacturer until it is consumed by the consumers. Therefore, high-quality barrier films are used for environmentally compatible and economical packaging. Packaging with an intact gas barrier layer guarantees none or hardly very low permeability of oxygen and water vapour and protects against loss of flavour.

Pressrelease gas barrier layer

Non-destructive measurement of coating thickness on plastics

We measure the thickness of:

  • abrasion- and scratch-resistant coatings
  • chemically resistant coatings
  • antistatic coatings
  • coloring layers
  • reflective coatings

Read more in our latest test report: Report plastic coating_01

A new dimension in production control

When wet food is packaged, full-surface inspection of the sealed seam with high geometric resolution and high speed is of great interest. This task can only be solved with light.

The Movie shows a micro hole with a diameter of about 50 µm in a food packaging with integrated Alufoil. You can see the puncture with a needle from the outside. The micro hole tapers inwards and reaches a minimum diameter of about 10 µm.

Failure in the sealed seam; Size approx. 100 µm

Delaminatin of two layers; the separation layer is only a few µm thick and about 100 µm long.

Our current magazine with examples for the measurement of layer thickness:

Light – the new tool for todays production
You will get a first overview in our PDF brochure
Light – the new tool for todays production

You have a task – we have a solution
You will get a first overview in our PDF brochure
Application examples from practice

Rotary Table System