There are various accessories for the OCT system, such as the side wall measurement shown on the left side, which was added on KPA system having an automatic charging and discharging station as well as a position of the calibration of the measurement.

If a system is added (for example with the side wall module), the system is extended in such a way that the additional module can be automatically loaded and reset by the measuring head.

Various modules are provided:

Side Wall Module
For measuring thickness of vertical surfaces.

Crack Detection Module
Distinguishes between a scratch and a crack.

Gas Barrier Layer Module
Measures thickness of vertical running layers.

Layer Position Module
Measures the three-dimensional orientation of components of parts.

Surface Measurement Module
Measures thickness of layers of foils; heads arrangement of few centimeters or ditributed on machine width of 45 cm.

Seal Seam Module
Checks seal seams with a resolution of 10 micrometers, or more precise, and checks seam seal surfaces.

Optical Bench Module
Enables the change of luminous source.