OCT measuring heads are equipped with x,y, and z axes ranging from 75 to 800 mm length. The dual measuring system is used for measuring layer thickness, for sealing seam inspection or for thermoformed parts. Measurements in the production process are used to determine production failures as early as possible.

In order to measure three-dimensional components in micrometer-accuracy, two OCT measuring heads (DUAL measuring head) are used.

The two OCT cameras capture the space between them. If a component is in the measuring position, the upper camera detects all the upwards directed planes of a component, the lower camera the downwards directed planes. The difference between the space between the OCT cameras and the measured geometry data corresponds to the component dimension.

With an OCT system, the following points are measured during a measuring process:

  • External diameter
  • Inner diameter
  • Diameter or thickness at a defined height
  • Bottom thickness (middle and Ø 20)
  • Wall thickness at a defined point
  • Radius
  • Sealing rim width
  • Sealed edge condition, flatness
  • Flatness of surface A to surface B
  • Parallelism of different levels
  • Overall height of a component
  • Indicated tool numbers
  • Layer thickness (for multilayer films)
  • Wall thickness of the component (with additional optics)
  • Thickness of the gas barrier layer (additional function)
  • and much more

All the measurement is carried out with an accuracy of +/- 1 μm and larger.

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