Development of application engineering solutions in the IR area until 1999 Application of own processes in the nuclear power plant Leibstadt, Hochtief, D as well as in various industrial plants in Europe and Malaysia.

Participation in the technology transfer project of FLIR AG, Kriens to Asia. In Kuala Lumpur a service group was set up with the know-how of the engineer’s office. FLIR ASIA is now the best-equipped IR services company in Malaysia.

Development of the tunnel-, tunnel- and chimney-scanner. Application of the tunnel scanner for the city of Stuttgart, at the company Barg in Berlin and at FLIR-Asia in Kuala Lumpur.

Establishment of the non-contact layer thickness measurement in practice.

Further development of the basic research for crack detection.

Construction of sensor technology Altdorf. Application of infrared technology in various projects, including in several kti projects.

Further development of the layer thickness measurement The industrialization of the device according to economic aspects has begun.

New offices in Oberdorf, NW

First ASP optical coherence tomography system for thickness measurement on plastic films.

Development and construction of the first seam inspection equipment based on OCT-method

Development and construction of the system for the measurement of coffee capsules and small high-precision components.

Participation in the EU project DAPhNE (FP 7 project). The project was nominated for the European “Green Effichency” Award.

Reference of the photometrator in Buochs

Development and construction of the OCT portal system. The system is used to measure components up to a size of 500 mm.

Expansion of production facilities.

Expansion of the staff by hardware and software competence.