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Welcome to the world of special measurement technology

1979        Development of special infrared solutions and integration of the procedure in different companies and
               various industrial plants in Europe and Malaysia (From 1979 until 1999) 

1999        Participation in the technology transfer project of the FLIR AG, Kriens to Asia In Kuala Lumpur has
               been established a service group with the know-how of the flo-ir enineering office. 

2000        Development of the tunnel- and chimney scanner, a multispectral infrared scanner. Application of the                scanner for the city Stuttgart, Barg in Berlin and FLIR-Asia in Kuala Lumpur. 

2001        Establish of the first non-contact infrared thickness measurement system for laboratory use. 

2002        Basic study for the non-contact crack detection system. 

2003        Set up procedure for the sensor production in Altdorf, Canton Uri. Application of infrared technology                 in different projects. 

2007        Development of the coating thickness measurement. 
               The industrialisation of the device after an economic point of view has started. 

2009        New office in Oberdorf, NW

2012        First ASP optical coherence tomography system for thickness measurement on plastic foils 

2013/14    System for measurements on coffee capsules and small high  precision parts