Workshop on the topics

Coating thickness measurement
Seal inspection
Micro hole detection
Geometry measurement

Program flow

  • Introduction to the OCT measurement method
  • Presentation of test results for applications from industrial practice
  • Conducting practical measurements on samples provided to us by participants in the workshop
  • Explain / discuss the measurement results
  • Final discussion, questions and answers

Do you have samples or a task that we can integrate in our workshops? We would be glad if you send us your sample in advance

Date: Fryday 29. June 2018
Course location: Hochschule Luzern Technik & Architektur, Technikumstrasse 21, CH-6048 Horw
Costs: CHF 500.00 per participant (including documents, break coffee, lunch)

Participants in the workshop will also be provided with the summary report, in which more than 170 pages of OCT practice examples are described and explained.


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