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 AlstomProcess Monitoring
Beznau I, Beznau II, GrabenStock shots of nuclear power plant equipment
Bombardier Nondestructive examination of aluminium profiles
Dätwiler, AltdorfNondestructive examination liability of rubber
ESEC Prozess MonitoringProduction control during bonding
OPEL Prozess MonitoringDevelopment work, expansion of a gasflame
PSI Reactor safelyDevelopment work
Sulzer, NexisProcedure development
Swiss federal RailwaysHot stocks positioning of passing trains
Winterthur InsuranceRisk Management
Alusuisse Chippis Process Monitoring
Castolin SA, LausanneMeasurement of the residual thickness of a metal layer
Chemie UetikonInspection of furnace linings
Ciba Geigy, BaselCorrosion investigations of industrial components
Contraves Qualitative visualisation of fast running processes
EMPA ThunLayer thickness measurement
GRD, ThunNondestructive testing materials
Hilti, SchaanProduct development, monitoring of the thermal history
Motor Columbus, ATELLayer thickness measurements on metal pipes
Ramseier RubigenLayer thickness measurements on powder coatings before baking
Rieter, WinterthurProcess monitoring in weaving
SandozCorrosion tests on industrial plants
Sulzer MetcoProduction control on the thermal coating
Balzers (Unaxis) Uniformity measurement of the temperature distribution
ETH Lausanne (CAL)Laser treatment
ETH Zürich (Mechanik)Materials characterisation
Fachhochschule Muttenz Measuring technique