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Downloads & Infos

55. Measurement of Film of many Layers regardless of the Color and Control Measurements using Microtome Method download
51. Basics Fiber OCT download
64. OCT - Method for Inspection of Ampoules download
72. We bring "light" into the darkness download
56. Photometric Techniques in Industrial Use download
95. It is Quality that Counts - Take a Simple Coffee as an Example download
98. Increasing the Efficiency in the Production of Synthetic Films download
Geometry Measurement
54. Measurement of the Geometry of all kinds of components download
101. OCT Measuring of Food Containers, Shells and Cups download
102. Automatic measurement of coffee capsules and components made of plastic, glass or metal in micrometer accuracy download
70. Geometry Measurement download
107. Micro fluid channels download
112. Automatic measurement of coffee capsules and closures for beverage bottles (OCT test cell) download
100. Maschine assisted Measurement on thermoformed Products within seconds download
Layer Thickness Measurement
25. Modern methods of measurement in the food industry for layer thickness measurement and inspection of plastic or aluminum packaging download
13. Measuring the Thickness of Layers - Up to 6 Layers at One Go download
48. New System for In-Line Process Monitoring and Quality Control download
50. Measuring the Thickness of Layers and Films of All Kinds - Selectively and Without Contact download
109. Measuring with light - very fast - extremly precise - non-contact download
Seal Seam Inspection
17. Seal inspection with the new OCT system download
19. View into a Sealed Seam download
85. The quality of a sealed seam hangs by a hair - and we can detect it download
106. The view into the depth download
111. Continuous control of sealing seams download

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