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Welcome to the world of non contact measurement technology

1978 Florin Christian founded the engineering office for infrared technology, and appropriated itself in this specialized area a comprehensiveknowledge. 1999 the acquire engineering office developed out of "Florin engineering office for infrared technology" flo-ir contactless measurement as a "solution provider" for technically demanding solutions with the aid of infrared technology.

flo-ir contactless measurement developed solutions for current issues in the industry based on infrared technology and adapted solutions in different production lines. The production of the devices and the sale of the instruments are organised together with competent partners.

Today "infrared technology" is developed, tested, tried and established and companies in the industry use the infrared technology as animportant tool. It provides a clear insight and reveals economically interesting perspectives.
Our products meet the highest requirements, resulting in a better added-value and fullfill the rising needs and expectations of

flo-ir contactless measurement supports operators, developers and planners of production facilities in the integration of infrared
technology and offers solutions for current measurement tasks, such as:
  • Measure the thickness of laquer on wood, glass or plastic
  • Non destructive bonding characterisation on all kind of surfaces
  • High speed measurement of the geometry of parts in micrometer accuracy
  • Contactless measuring of thermopysical properties in the running production

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