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Coating thickness measurement
The Infrared-Technology opens different adventages:

• Non contacting  From distance
• Non invasiveaFree of germs
• With the speed of light     aVery quickly
• Accurately and very precise     aIn micro meter range   
• No external influencesaRegardless of material
• Non destructivea Very quickly


The IR-based coating thickness instrument of flo-ir contactless measurement measures the thickness of a coating in the running production, and displays the measured value. The device can be mounted on existing production lines.
 The PTRT® procedure (power forced thermal response technology) allows for the rapid evaluation of the measured values with respect to various quality criteria.

PTRT® procedure is contactless and works non-destructively to examine.
  • Material properties
  • The thickness of coatings
  • The coating quality
  • Inhomogeneities inside the material
  • Delamination of coatings
Our system has proved successful in a research work in Holland.

Measurement of multi layer films:

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